Friday, 10 October 2014

After sunset in the Algarve

When I was in the Algarve about two years ago, I used to go out just before sun down, to try and catch a spectacular sunset. I noted that, the best ones, were when there were some clouds in the sky.   There were some great sunsets, I must say. The painting today is a watercolour of dusk and the colours, after the sun has gone down. I suppose it's almost a semi abstract painting? The two headlights from a car on the road, give it a sort of focus point. It gets dark so quickly, as opposed to here in northern climes, where it stays light until about 11 pm in the summer, and then it's a gradual fading of the light. This painting watercolour on Fabriano artistico 140 lbs paper, 10x14 ins, was a pure experiment, not exactly what I was aiming for, but that is the great thing about watercolour, it's unpredictability.