Monday, 6 October 2014

Cattle in a fog after Edward Seago.

I have long admired the artist Edward Seago, his paintings, both watercolour and oil, and his style. A style that has been much copied by artists the world over. I see his influences in many contemporary painters works. I am always keen to learn, and one way is to problem solve, when painting,  or see how another artist painted a particular scene etc. Seago was a great one for creating mists and atmosphere in his work. I particularly liked the painting posted today, that I saw in an art book of mine. So much so, a few years ago, as an exercise, I had a go at making a copy, to learn and for the enjoyment of painting. It is vital that one develops a style of his of her own, no matter if it is not like the great artists.... It's ones own individual style that sets artists apart.

Oil on cotton canvas 12x16 ins, after Seago.