Saturday, 19 July 2014

Cattle on Rathanna hill, watercolour 7.5x 13 ins. I was out on my daily walk a few years back, on one of my regular routes, when I met this small herd of cows, coming down this hill. It is quite a steep's great to get that extra bit of exercise, if I am in the mood. The road was a bit wet after a summer shower of rain, so the cows were reflected in the road. I kept the foliage loose and washy, and concentrated on getting a freshness of the scene after the rain, the summery ness ( if there is such an expression) and the procession of the cows down the hill. I kept the images of the cows quite vague, and I lifted out of colour to achieve the reflections in the wet road. Almost by design, the first two cows are warm reds and the last two blue tones, so an almost instant composition, warm to cool.