Friday, 18 July 2014

Spiddal, (Irish: An Spidéal, meaning "the hospital") is a Gaeltacht village on the shore of Galway Bay in County Galway, Ireland. I visited Spiddal for the first time, a number of years back, having had a desire to see what it looked like. When I was learning Irish, back in the day, it was advised to go to a Gaeltacht area to improve spoken Irish, and spend 3 weeks or so, amongst Irish speakers. Spiddal was recommended, as the place to go. Alas, at the time I did not get to go. When I visited, it was an overcast day, but the light was good. I was fascinated with the the view of the Aran Islands that can be seen from the shoreline. I hope to visit the Isands sometime in the future.

I produced this watercolour, 8x11 ins, 2008, of the shoreline, with a man tending his small boat, with the Aran Islands in the background. It's quite sketchy sand loose, but it catches the moment I think, and the atmosphere of the day.