Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My watercolours that I use, to get most of the colours and tones in my paintings. Starting from the left, raw sienna, winsor yellow, permanent rose, cadmium red light,  ultramarine blue, cerulean blue. I use only artists quality paints, Winsor and Newton mostly. The exception here is the cadmium red light by Holbein, a recent addition, and the cerulean blue is Lukas, until I get another Winsor and Newton.

On occasion, I use viridian to get a green I might want, or burnt sienna with ultramarine to get a dark colours. I discovered that I can get 37 ml watercolour tubes, which are great and  if like me, you use loads of paint, I use a lot of raw sienna and winsor yellow, then these sizes are ideal.