Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Carrying on from yesterday, about oil layers in a painting, I hope I did not confuse people, or make the fun of oil painting over complicated? One other reason for proper oil content in paint, is for good paint adhesion to each successive layer. It's the oil that binds the paint to the ground initially, then to each subsequent layer of the painting.

When painting alla prima, the whole painting dries as one film. So providing that the paint is not diluted too much with thinner and there is enough oil content in the paint, there will be no problems.  A famous Welsh artist I admire, Kyffin Williams, now deceased, always painted alla prima, but with a palette knife. He had to complete his paintings, no matter how large, in one session.  Everyone has a style, or way of painting that suits them, and that's what is the most important. Enjoyment and  creativity.

This little painting 4x6 ins, oil on board. Two women behind a counter discussing a topic.