Thursday, 14 August 2014

Preparing some boards for oil painting. Make sure that the boards are grease free, and if using hardboard, only the untempered type. Next, sand the smooth side, and  clean off. Mix the gesso and apply with a clean  brush.

The  boards pictured, are boards with one coat of gesso, so far. Two more coats to go. Labour intensive or what! Doing as many boards as possible in one session, means that there will be a good supply ready to go, when inspiration calls and  that oil painting masterpiece is in your head..... I say head, as it does not always translate on to the board or canvas. Don't forget to lightly sand the boards between each coat of gesso. Finally, the sides and reverse of the board have to be coated as well, so the board is balanced and protected. Leave to dry for a few days.