Sunday, 31 August 2014

This is the finished painting. I toned down the blue shorts and kept the whole painting pretty muted in colour and tone. I cannot say, that I am overly happy with it, but I decided to leave it at that,  and treat it as a study. If I decide to do another painting, on this subject, then this study will be my reference, at what to do and not to do. Where I had trouble, was getting the  young man's legs right. The tone of the beach was too similar to the flesh tones, hence I was having awful bother, getting his legs to stand out, and blend in, or they were too proud and rigid. The right thing to do........scrape it down and begin again. Did I? No.....not taking my own advice. It's all part of the fun, success and frustration at times. Anyway, oil on board 6x8 ins. Joe