Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My oil painting is going okay at the moment. I say okay, in that it's a struggle to change from fluid watercolours to the the heavier medium of oil painting. It's just me, I am sure. I do not get on with the mediums that are needed to dilute the paint, such as turpentine or white spirits. In the past I have avoided them as much as possible, hence, why much of my past paintings have been heavy in texture. I compromise now and use low odour mineral spirits and stand oil, when I need to dilute the oil paint.

There are all sorts of oil painting mediums that one can buy, depending on the effect required or the task, quick drying to slow drying. One rule always applies, fat over lean. More oil content in the medium or paint is required for each successive layer. Why? If a top layer dries on top of a wet under layer, the result is, the top layer will crack.......Simply because, the wet under layer is still unstable whilst wet. As it dries, it affects the top rigid dry layer detrimentally. I hope that this all makes sense. Joe

Woman sitting on a low chair on the beach. 6x8 ins oil on linen.